Wednesday 17 May 2017

Industrial Folklore Tapes

Folklore is most often associated with the romance of rural life, but this new series of releases explores ‘Industrial Folklore’, born from the hardship and daily toil of workers in mills, mines and foundries in the north of England. The Industrial Folklore series sets out to explore a recent past, embedded in family histories and still in living memory, yet for the most part a forgotten bygone era, that appears to have little connection to our present existence. It is no coincidence that the artists who begin this series are all based in and around Lancashire, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, a landscape silently haunted by the tangible remains of once thriving noisy industries. Mary Stark, 2017

Monday 1 May 2017

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic - Cursing Conference May 6th

Featuring a performance by: David Chatton Barker / Mary Stark / Sam McLoughlin / Bridget Hayden